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Dear friend,

Trusting your enjoying the Spring weather if your in the UK?

Our new book is at the publishers ready for printing, with soon release and tour.

Here’s what they’re saying in New Zealand!Pastor Cliff Cherry

Place your pre – order for your signed copy TODAY.

I have the privilege of knowing Terry and Jill personally. They have been a tremendous blessing to my wife and I and we are thankful for their love and friendship. They have also ministered in our church here in New Zealand with signs and wonders following the preaching of Jesus and His Word. Terry recently taught on some of the truths contained in this book here in Hastings, New Zealand and I can confidently say that Terry and Jill are the real deal. They are people of faith that carry an anointing to see people, saved, set free, healed, delivered and made whole; we experienced all of this under their ministry. So what you read in this book is not some untried theory that can’t be lived out, but these truths from scripture are being actively lived out by the author in the power of the Precious Holy Spirit. You wont regret reading this book, the life transforming truth from Scripture it is based on and amazing testimonies that have followed. You will be taught how to break free of fear and from things that have held you in the past, so that you can live in the fullness of what Jesus has for you now. What you read in this you book, you can have and you can walk in yourself! Time for you to become a giant slayer!

Pastor Cliff Cherry
New Zealand

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