Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship

For those who are in prisons, hope can seem like a lost dream. Bringing the Good News of Christ’s unshakable power to save and transform a life breathes hope and light back into lost souls. Our aim is to be able to give Terry’s books & other resources to every Chaplain and Prisoner in the UK (to start with)!

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born ready comic

A comic magazine style of my powerful testimony. Great for outreach & events & those with lesser literacy skills – schools, rehabilitation centres, prisons. With the clear plan of salvation.

Just £1 each or £40 for 50, £70 for 100.

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Testimonies about our prisons work

“Terry visited our prison for Sunday Worship recently and was excellent. He has a real ability to connect with men and with prisoners in particular. As an ex-offender he understands their issues, problems, temptations and battles; but he also understands and communicates brilliantly what Christ has done for him, to restore him, and what He can do for anyone else. I don’t think Terry is just an evangelist. While his humour, passion and the love of Christ pours out of him, he also understands and communicates very well the role of discipling and church building which is vital in a settled prison like ours where men are working through long sentences.

Will we be inviting him back? The men in our Chapel would have it no other way.”

Revd. Paul Foster
Anglican Chaplain
HMP Whitemoor

“We were incredibly blessed to have Terry speak at our national conference. He is a clear communicator and his passion, inspiration and encouragement gave the right start to our conference. I am grateful for his contribution to our weekend and I would highly recommend him as a speaker and motivator.”

Penny Parker
Prison Fellowship England & Wales
Interim CEO