Since coming to River Network God has tore down strongholds in my mind. He is healing me mentally and spiritually!
Some of the lies torn down include:
” God can’t and/or won’t use you because your a hypocrite, you’ve let God down, you’ve been a bad example and people won’t listen to you because you’re divorced”
“God expects you to go to church locally”
“You’re no good at working with people because you’re too sensitive”
“You can’t cope working full time”
“You’re bad with money”
God is so good! I’m still a work in a progress but who isn’t! God is giving me confidence back and renewing my mind. Its been so great to be in God’s presence worshipping with others again. Thankyou all for your prayers, love and encouragement xxx
Leigh Creggas

“Terry Eckersley is a remarkable man who has achieved an extraordinary amount. Yet as he admits in this candid account of his life, all that he has done is because of a God who, through his astonishing grace, rescued him from life’s depths and changed him completely. The fact that God can transform a man like Terry today greatly encourages me in sharing the gospel. May Terry’s story similarly inspire you!”

Revd Canon J.John


“Terry Eckersley is a gift to people who have faith and those far from it. Effervescent, engaging and never ceasing in seeking to be an encouragement, both as a public speaker and in the everyday conversations and contacts of life, Terry carries something that impacts and influences for good.”

Phil Pye
Arena Church – Ilkeston & Mansfield
Member of National Leadership Team of AOG


“Terry is an effervescent personality with an infectious desire and ability to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone and anyone he meets. His and Jill’s ministries complement and flow well together and both are great gifts within the Body of Christ.”

Bill Partington
Head of Strategic Ministry Relations