Compassion UK

Jill’s journey with Compassion…

unnamed (18)I first heard about Compassion at a women’s conference I was attending with my mum roughly ten years ago. After hearing about the work that was being done with the poorest of the poor, we felt compelled to act.

So off we went to the Compassion stand to see who needed to be sponsored. It was actually Mum who pick up the photo of Yohan, I think she was about six years old at the time, from Jakarta in Indonesia.

We have now had the joy of sponsoring Yohan for all this time, receiving letters and photographs over the years, watching her grow into a beautiful young woman. It’s been amazing to think that for the price of just 83p a day – that’s less than a coffee and a pastry a week here in the UK! – Yohan has had access to medical, nutritional, educational and spiritual support and teaching which, alongside the positive future they provide, would otherwise have been far out of her reach. What an immense privilege it is and has been, to be a part of that too. Through Compassion, you literally can change a life on the other side of the world.

From Terry…

Like Jill, I am so impressed with Compassion UK – ‘a Christian charity you can hang your hat on – what it says on the tin!’ A very high percentage – over 80% of a sponsor’s money – directly benefits their specific sponsor child, with 10% administrative costs and the remaining 10% going towards getting the next child sponsored. Compassion partner with the local church and see many come to Christ – through the sponsorship of one child! Each child has access to food, healthcare, education and Christ and the whole family and community benefits. I was blown away after a visit to India with the Compassion UK CEO, team and Graham Kendrick and a group of major donors. Their work and heart is amazing and the impact is long-term and far-reaching. This is really intelligent missionary work and is to the highest accountability and standard – having been transforming communities since 1952 and working in 26 countries. I would heartily encourage you to take a minute now and click here to change a child’s life today!