Pastor Sue Gray

In conjunction with the Dean and administrative staff, Pastor Sue leads, manages and evaluates the student enrolment process – from inquiry, through admissions, to assimilation into the school’s culture. She assists with helping students locate appropriate housing as well as providing spiritual counsel and encouragement.


Pastor Tim Gray

As the Administrator of RNBA , Tim  oversees the daily activities of the school as well as assisting the student body in fulfilling the call of God on their lives through academic and spiritual advancement. He serves as the student relations liaison for our students, their families, and instructors, and facilitates the appropriate resources needed to support the overall mission and purpose of training a new breed of revivalists.

Tim and Sue Gray.

Tim is married to Sue. Tim is a qualified and accountant with many years experience, working with some of the UKs leading companies. Tim is also a property developer and investor.


Let’s not be people who just listen to other people’s testimonies.

Let’s be people who start LIVING OUR OWN

Why did I go to bible college? And how did it help me?

I had been a Christian for 18 years and went to church almost every week and sometimes twice a week, so I had probably heard over 1,000 sermons.

I had read loads of christian books and I had a bible concordance (posh word for dictionary)

But something was missing.

Then one day I was in church and there was a visiting speaker. God spoke to me through this man. He quoted a verse from Matthew 10:27 which says,

“What I tell you in the dark, shout abroad when daylight comes, what I whisper in your ear, shout from the rooftops for all to hear,”

The rest of the sermon went over my head. I just kept asking, “How do I shout it from the rooftops?”

I kept asking God, which rooftops, do you want me to shout it from Lord? And how?

I had a lot of head knowledge but not much action and I honestly didn’t know where to start.

Biblical Christianity was a far cry from what my life looked like.

I knew I could be doing something like, prison ministry, open air missions, drama on the street etc but I needed others to inspire and help me.

The idea came the next day. I needed to go to bible college. Yes for more learning but more importantly, because God said, shout it from the rooftops, and to do this I needed other like minded people to work with. People who could help me and support me.

If you wanted to be a doctor you would take the steps necessary and go to college or uni. The ideas come along but we actually have to do something about it or else it’s just daydreaming.

The early church did not go out alone, they went in pairs, and they had each other.

Christianity is not just a vertical faith; you and God. Some people think it is.

But it isn’t. It is also horizontal; you and others.

Families are God’s idea, and so is church.

It was the middle of August and I enrolled to Birmingham Bible College right away and started a couple of weeks later in September.

Q) What did I get out of it?

I would say, three years at bible college taught me more about the bible than 18 years in church. I was also pushed out of my comfort zone. I preached, was involved in mission, and set up a youth church. Since bible college I have been on mission in Africa, preached, led worship in church and written a book.

I am very excited about this because I will be working with other like minded people and we will all encourage each other. I want to do much more for God and I hope you all do too.

This bible academy is not a church, although it is linked to a church.

The bible academy is here to equip you to go and serve in Matlock, in your home church and to the ends of the world, wherever God leads you.

This bible academy is a fast track to hearing his voice and shouting it from the rooftops. It will give you a platform and opportunities which would never happen  otherwise.

It is for anyone who has a desire to really serve God with all their might. It doesn’t matter a fig if you can’t read or write or if you have never been to school.

The curriculum is for everyone.

Jesus did not choose boffins he chose fishermen.

Jesus said that his kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the earth and that if people did not step up to the mark, rocks and stones would cry out. On one occasion he even used a donkey.

So, if what I have said has spoken to you, what you need to do is contact us right now and apply to be part of this amazing course. Put yourself in God’s hands and just wait and see where he will take you.

Sue Gray