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For those who are in Schools, hope can sometimes seem like a lost dream. Bringing the Good News of the Christian faith to transform a life via a true story breathes hope and light back into challenging lives.
It also maximises achievers.

Our aim is to be able to give Terry’s Comics & other resources to every RE Teacher and Chaplain in the UK (to start with)!

Young people love & engage with this redemptive Comic book. Terry can also be booked to talk & do a Q & A.

Bringing hope & helping save all Terry went through & valuable keys to faith & success.


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born ready comic

A comic magazine style of my powerful testimony. Great for outreach & events & those with lesser literacy skills – schools, rehabilitation centres, prisons. With the clear plan of salvation.

Just £1 each or £40 for 50, £70 for 100.

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I invited Terry into Ashfield Comprehensive School for our special Easter Assemblies and lessons week in 2015. He told his inspiring life story about Gods grace, power and love to over 500 students and 70 teachers in one assembly. The headmaster had special praise for Terry saying how confident he was as a speaker and how he brought a fun filling but impacting vibe to the whole school. The head of the year also personally said that his speech had changed the spirit and atmosphere in the school. From this we, handed over 500 Why Jesus leaflets to the students at their request!

Jared Holmes
Teaching Mentor
Semi Professional Football Player – Coalville Town FC


Terry also had the opportunity to lead 2 RE lessons for Year 9 and Year 8 respectively. Terry spoke about his life in school, troubles growing up and his story of seeing his father die whilst in school and the affects this had on him. His story captivated all in the class, who wanted to stay during break time to hear more and ask more questions. Again Mrs Stone (Head of RE) stated that Terry’s story was incredibly moving and covered areas of the curriculum that were essential to students learning such as death, who Jesus is and suffering.

Jared Holmes
Teaching Assistant
Semi-Proffesional Football Player