Our world can seem awash with giants. Like David of old, we have a choice and our sling and stones – the tools to defeat them. Many giants come in the form of illusions or simple lies. In this powerful, life-changing book, with humour and clarity we will help identify, unearth and defeat those giants.

Maybe paralysing fear is your giant, or relationship challenges, or finances, or health issues. Giants can come in many guises and disguises.

Fortunately, we live in a world of giant-slayers!

Encounter the lifelong and life-changing story of David and Goliath like you were there, with victorious truths for your life today. Learn the key biblical principles that will lead to overcoming your fears, leaping over obstacles, and slaying the giants that would try to keep you from fulfilling your God-given future and reaping the rewards and inheritance in style.

This is not just for you but your family, church and sphere of influence. Be awakened to the giant-slaying leader you are today!