Love is Out There




Love Is Out There

Melissa Williams Pope (with contributions from Jill Eckersley)

Are you a single woman who longs to be married to a good man, but feel like the clock is ticking and Mr. Right is nowhere in sight? 

Well, get ready to be inspired and encouraged by this international collection of twenty true stories of real women from their 30s, all the way up to their 70s! Like you, they waited for years. And like you, they wondered if it would ever happen. Now their unique testimonies of ultimately finding love and marriage will give you a hope infusion to keep holding on and believing you, too, will have your heart’s desire for marriage fulfilled. Although written from a Christian perspective, this book will lift the spirits of single women of all faiths. If you’ve given in to disappointment, anger or doubt, it’s time to believe again. Love is out there! 


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