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Not just our world but the world can seem awash with giants.

Internal giants and external ones, like David of old we have a choice & our sling & stones, tools to defeat them. Many giants come in the form of illusions or simple lies. In this powerful life changing book the author with humour and clarity helps identify, unearth and defeat them, the real ones, some with immediate and others persistent strategies.

David killed the lion & the bear by simply grabbing them by the whiskers ! & so can you – then it’s just a little tweak!

Maybe paralysing fear is your giant-or relationship challenges , or finances – health issues , giants can come in many guises and disguises.

Fortunately, we also live in a world of giant-slayers! David slayed Goliath without even having a sword – many think they don’t have also , when all along we have all we need for life & Godliness & We too can slay our ‘ Goliaths ‘ with Goliaths own sword as David did.

Encounter the lifelong and life changing story of David and Goliath like you were there , with life applying victorious truths you can apply today. Learn the key biblical principles that will bring you into a life of overcoming your fears, leaping over obstacles, and slaying the giants that would try keeping you from fulfilling your God given future and reaping the rewards and inheritance in style. This is not just for you , your family , Church , sphere of influence- be awakened to the giant slaying leader within you , today !

One of the UK’s most loved and popular evangelists, Terry has been described as a tonic: humorous, high energy, yet still vulnerable and relational. Using the strong gift of encouragement placed in him, Terry shares the full Gospel message that has so radically changed him: a miraculous testimony of healing and total redemption from brokenness, severe drug addiction & crime.

This transformation has seen him become a graduate of and speaker at two bible colleges, further rising to become a CEO within the Christian charity and media sector, influencing and helping thousands worldwide.

Terry is a creative communicator with an instant appeal that transcends all cultures, people groups & denominations. His much-appreciated art of motivational faith, coupled with deep insight, helps people to discover (or rediscover) their God-given purpose and spiritual vitality! His manner is at once humorous, friendly & and deeply impacting – and opens the door to life, salvation and healing, in a demonstration of the incredible power of the Spirit. He is also an Ambassador for Compassion UK. Terry also founded and leads River Network Church a growing and thriving Church in the heart of the UK. For other Books authored, events & Bookings please visit

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