Family services

RIVER NETWORK CHARITY, FAMILY SERVICES offering information, guidance, signposting & support. Our Board, Leaders and team come with decades of credibility, Professional experience and qualifications. With this experience, heart and local need are looking to expand our services. 

 Family service has a wide range of support available from helping find suitable crèches, nurseries and education centres to helping find respite from young carers as well as offering family mediation. Also offering support with nutrient and diet as well as housing and money worries that families may have proving support in almost every department needed.  Helping find residential care where children feel safe is important with children’s services striving to keep all children safe. Family bereavement can help get families communicating again, helping them express themselves with help from a family mediator.  Another amazing skill family services teams have is the link to other agencies if they feel other services need to be involved with a child or family. Family support can be both short term as well as long term supporting the families until they free like they can go on alone without the additional support that is offered.

Family services provide a wide range of help, this can include helping find the right nurseries, education centres, child minders, playgroups, parent and toddler groups and short breaks for children with special needs. They can also help with ensuring people can share concerns about a child’s safety or welfare with the right people.

Family Services can also provide support regarding food/nutrients, money concerns and housing. It’s important to be able to help families find the help they need to allow them to ensure the safety and development of their children and these services can be long-term or short-term, this depends on how much support a family feel they need until they feel they no longer need the support

There are also benefits and support that can be provided by the government to help with certain cost, these can include:

  • Get childcare: step by step
  • Helping pay for childcare
  • Childcare grant
  • Care to learn

Family Services help families who have children aged 0-19 with challenges they may be experiencing.

These challenges can range from:

  • Mental Health
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Poverty
  • Chaotic Family Life
  • School Attendance
  • Behavioural Problems