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I was tired we had just finished a powerful weekend of services in London & just arrived at our friend Dr Brad Norman’s Church for a week of Revival meetings with Dr RHB.

We got to our room after being welcomed & catching up , I was ready for a Power nap !

Just lying down on the bed , if I ever heard The Spirit Of God , I head Him whisper ……. just two words, ” Pleasant Boundaries ” , yes I knew the scripture , but this time it was different , relating to relational not just geographical boundaries , ….. & both being pleasant.

Still too tired to properly unpack this , again I was ready for a nap……. I get a FaceTime call from my dear friend Tomi Arayomi- one of the only calls I would take being so tired, some call him a Prophet, others an Apostle, I call him a friend. He wished me happy birthday it was the 17th September 2018 he was calling from Amsterdam- he then started to Prophecy & said ” I would write the two most powerful & impactful books I’d ever written , they would go and influence all over the world & it would be before the end of the year ! “.

I felt the anointing received the birthday wishes & Word & then finally had a sleep ! Over the next three months I unpacked the word, finished the book ! It’s out soon on paperback & here’s the Kindle copy. Enjoy the read, application & resetting of Pleasant Boundaries.

Pleasant Boundaries: Healthy & fruitful living in families, Church & the workplace

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What they are saying ……

When Terry told me he was writing a book called pleasant boundaries I was excited. Boundaries is a timeless subject matter and so when you add pleasant to it then the book subject matter becomes both timeless and irresistible. This truly is a book for the body of Christ as each chapter draws us closer to the conclusion that

1. Boundaries are not limitations but safety fences God builds around us for our own good.

2. That when we stay within God’s boundary for our life that we can enjoy a pleasant life.

Terry is a skilled author and communicator. I strongly recommend this book for those struggling both to find and stay within their boundaries as it will redeem time and help you avoid the singing sirens of false responsibility.

Tomi Arayomi

If you’ve held a job down, been involved in church or ministry – or simply lived, breathed and mixed with other people – this book is for you. Not only do we all need to set clear and pleasant boundaries in our relationships with others, we need to install pleasant boundaries or margins on the pages of our lives so that we don’t fill them full of stuff without leaving space for God to move outside our own, pre-set plans. This book teaches us how to do that with grace and wisdom.

Bill Partington

Global Missions

Great Book

28 March 2019

I really enjoyed this book, full of great advice/wisdom for dealing with situations in the right loving biblical way.

Extremely honest advice on how to address issues we might prefer to ignore.

I highly recommend this book, invest your time/money – you’ll be glad you did…

Excellent book!!! Buy it! read it! do it!

Practical biblical advice … easy interesting read …Biblical everyday much needed advice we all need in a world where our valuable time energy & life can be abused if we have no pleasant boundaries put in place.

Deborah Lunness

5.0 out of 5 stars

Its vital we recognise when to set up biblical pleasant boundaries,this book shows us how!

Terry has written about an area of our lives where The Body Of Christ is often weak.He writes clearly with great spiritual discernment and gives practical/biblical strategies for overcoming conflict and developing Christlike character through setting up pleasant Christlike boundaries

Pastor Stan Smith, who led author to Jesus in 1981.