Born Ready

22 November, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Shakerley Community Centre, Cumberland Ave. Tyldesley Manchester M29 8FU

Going back to my roots ! The street Evangelist
Stan Smith – who led me to Christ in 1981 ! Now Pastoring a great NEW BEGINNINGS Church. #bornready #dontdenythepower #powefultestimony #faithcomesbyhearing #greatcommission

One of the UK’s most loved and popular evangelists, Terry has been described as a tonic: humorous, high energy, yet still vulnerable and relational. Using the strong gift of encouragement placed in him, Terry shares the full Gospel message that has so radically changed him: a miraculous testimony of healing and total redemption from brokenness, severe drug addiction & crime.

This transformation has seen him become a graduate of and speaker at two bible colleges, further rising to become a CEO within the Christian charity and media sector, influencing and helping thousands worldwide.

Terry is a creative communicator with an instant appeal that transcends all cultures, people groups & denominations. His much-appreciated art of motivational faith, coupled with deep insight, helps people to discover (or rediscover) their God-given purpose and spiritual vitality! His manner is at once humorous, friendly & and deeply impacting – and opens the door to life, salvation and healing, in a demonstration of the incredible power of the Spirit. He is also an Ambassador for Compassion UK.


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